Beyond all of what people may see in the City of Houston, there lies a deep issue of concern that needs to be addressed. This issue is the drug war that is going on within its city limits. Houston ranks number 4 as the biggest metropolitan city in the United States. Houston and its surrounding areas have a total population of 6.22 million people, which ranks it number 5 in the nation. There is no doubt that the drug abuse statistics in Houston have been an issue for a while as pharmaceutical narcotic abuse has risen. Houston and its surrounding areas are reported to be one of the most trafficking areas for drugs coming from Mexico into the United States. Rehabilitation facilities in Houston have been doing what they can to help in the battle against substance abuse. Unfortunately not all individuals that are dealing with alcohol and drug abuse have insurance to enroll into these types of facilities. Thankfully there is a ministry in Houston whose services are free of charge. That ministry is the Restoration Houston Ministry.